The attorneys at Forrest, LaMothe, Mazow, McCullough, Yasi & Yasi, P.C. have extensive experience in, and are dedicated to, fighting to ensure that insurers comply with all aspects of the law when issuing, servicing and adjusting various types of insurance policies.

Whether an insurance policy is issued for automobile coverage, life insurance, health insurance or other forms of insurance coverage, numerous federal and state laws and regulations are designed to provide protection from unlawful and unfair insurance practices.  Moreover, many of these statutes and regulations include punitive measures, which call for the insurance company to be held liable for multiple damages and/or the payment of attorneys’ fees and costs.

If you believe that you have been the victim of an unfair, deceptive or fraudulent insurance practice, please contact Forrest, LaMothe, Mazow, McCullough, Yasi & Yasi, P.C. for a free, no commitment consultation and case review, to see if we can help.