Numerous Federal and state laws and regulations are specifically designed to provide employees protection from unlawful employment practices. These same statutes also often provide employees with a private right of action so that they can assert their own legal rights and the rights of other similarly affected. In addition, in most cases, an employer cannot take action against the employee, or retaliate, in response to an employee’s assertion of their legal rights.

These laws and regulations include, but are not limited to: (1) Limits on hours worked; (2) Mandatory break periods; (3) Employer expense reimbursement; (4) Overtime pay requirements; (5) Timing of payments to employees; (6) Minimum wage requirements; (7) The classification of employees; (8) Tipping, pooling and service charge remission polices; (9) Benefit requirements; (10) Accommodation requirements; and (11) Whistleblower protections for reporting, attempting to stop or testifying about an employer’s illegal, unhealthy practices , when said practices violate specific laws, regulations or public policies.

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