The attorneys at Forrest, LaMothe, Mazow, McCullough, Yasi & Yasi, P.C. are committed to protecting buyers and tenants from unfair, deceptive and fraudulent sales and rental practices.

In addition to Consumer Protection Laws, many Federal and state laws and regulations specifically regulate how home sellers, lending institutions and landlords undertake selling, renting and/or leasing residential properties.

These laws and regulations include, but are not limited to: (1) Prohibitions on discriminatory selling and/or renting practices; (2) Regulating the quality, condition and character of rental dwellings; (3) Regulations limiting the allowable late fees charged to tenants; (4) Regulations concerning security deposits, cleaning fees, last month’s rent, and other landlord fees; (5) Regulating a landlord’s duties to maintain the property; (6) Regulating landlord’s interactions with tenants; and (7) Regulating how a landlord takes action against a tenant.

If you believe that you have been the victim of an unfair housing or rental practice, please contact Forrest, LaMothe, Mazow, McCullough, Yasi & Yasi, P.C. for a free, no commitment consultation and case review, to see if we can help.