Attorney Yasi is a founding partner of the Salem, Massachusetts based law firms Forrest | LaMothe and Yasi & Yasi, PC.

Mr. Yasi is dedicated to defending the rights of consumers, employees, and tenants. As a partner of Forrest | LaMothe, Mr. Yasi practices in the areas of:  Consumer Protection, False Advertising, Data Breach and Medical Privacy, Employment/Wage, Unfair Collections and Product Liability.

Before forming Forrest | LaMothe, Mr. Yasi worked as a civil litigation practitioner on State Street, in Boston between the years of 1987 and 1990. Since that time, and for the last 25 years, Mr. Yasi has practiced exclusively in the fields of civil litigation and class action litigation.

Mr. Yasi is a 1987 graduate of Suffolk University Law School where he received his J.D.

Mr. Yasi is a member of the Essex County Bar Association, the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, Massachusetts Bar Association and the Salem Bar Association.

Mr. Yasi is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar and U.S. District of Massachusetts.