Employment & Wage Action Attorneys in California & Massachusetts

Have you or a loved one been involved in an employment dispute in the workplace and you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly? It can be a frustrating and helpless feeling. Actually there are numerous Federal and state employment laws and regulations in place designed to provide employees with protection against unlawful employment and wage practices. These same statutes afford California and Massachusetts employees with a private right of action so that they can assert their legal rights, along with the rights of other employees similarly impacted. Additionally, an employer cannot take retaliatory action against an employee when they assert their legal rights during an employment and/or wage dispute.

Employment laws and regulations that protect a worker’s rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Limits on hours worked
  • Mandatory break periods
  • Employer job-related expense reimbursements
  • Minimum wage and overtime pay requirements
  • Timing of payments to employees
  • The classification of employees
  • Tipping, pooling and service charge remission policies
  • Employer benefit requirements
  • Employee accommodation requirements
  • Whistleblower protections for reporting, attempting to stop, or testifying about an employer’s illegal and/or unhealthy practices when said practices violate specific laws, regulations and/or public policies

The experienced employment and wage action attorneys at Forrest | LaMothe are committed to fighting for the rights of clients when they are involved in unfair workplace and pay disputes with their employers. If you have been involved in an unresolved dispute regarding one or more of the issues listed above you may have a case.

We Represent Clients in Employment and Wage Cases

If you or a loved one has experienced one or more of these employment and wage violations in a California or Massachusetts workplace, you have rights under the law and may be entitled to compensation. Please contact the law offices of Forrest | LaMothe today for a free, no commitment consultation and case review to see if one of our experienced employment and wage attorneys can be of assistance. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you seamlessly through the legal process while easing your concerns and getting your life back on track again.