Data Breach & Medical Privacy Attorneys in California & Massachusetts

Do you or a loved one reside in California or Massachusetts and have had your personal and/or financial information hacked recently? Data breaches including private health information are an ever-increasing problem in today’s world, and leave the victims feeling helpless and violated. Online security breaches can significantly damage your life if the exposed consumer and patient information is used by others to:

  • Steal your identity and personal information
  • Commit credit and/or tax fraud using your identity
  • Carry out other financial harm against you
  • Falsify information online that’s detrimental to yourself and others
  • Access your health information records which may place you at future medical risk

The experienced data breach and medical privacy attorneys at Forrest | LaMothe are committed to litigating issues related to data breaches while protecting the rights of clients whose health, personal and financial information has been compromised and/or stolen.

Those rights and protections include, but are not limited to:

  • Data breaches
  • The unlawful disclosure of a patient’s protected health information
  • A business’ failure to notify consumers and/or patients of their rights and other risks associated with those unlawful data disclosures
  • Other risks associated with unlawful data disclosures

When your life’s privacy has been compromised unexpectedly by a data breach you may have a case against those parties entrusted with protecting that information.

We Represent Clients in Data Breach & Medical Privacy Cases

If you or a loved one live in California or Massachusetts and have been victimized by a data breach or you believe that your identity has otherwise been compromised, you have rights under the law and may be entitled to compensation. Please contact the law offices of Forrest | LaMothe today for a free, no commitment consultation and case review to see if one of our experienced data breach and medical privacy attorneys can be of assistance. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you seamlessly through the legal process while easing your concerns and getting your life back on track again.