Unfair Housing Practices Attorneys in California & Massachusetts

Have you or a loved one been involved in an unfair or misleading housing situation related to the purchase, renting or leasing of a residential property in California or Massachusetts? In addition to Consumer Protection Laws, there exist many Federal and state laws and regulations designed to specifically mandate the process by which home sellers, lending institutions and landlords operate when selling, renting and/or leasing residential properties. As a residential property buyer or renter, you have rights under those statutes.

The unfair housing practices attorneys at Forrest | LaMothe are committed to fighting for the rights of residential property renters and buyers when they are faced with deceptive and unlawful housing practices.

Laws and regulations to protect against unfair housing practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Prohibiting discriminatory selling and/or renting on the basis of race, skin color, national origin, religion, a disability or handicap, sex or family status
  • Prohibiting false and/or misleading claims while selling a residential property
  • Regulating the quality, condition and character of rental dwellings
  • Limiting the allowable late fees charged by landlords to tenants
  • Regulating charges related to security deposits, cleaning fees, the previous month’s rent, and various other landlord fees
  • Defining a landlord’s responsibilities in maintaining a rental property
  • Regulating a landlord’s interactions with tenants
  • Regulating how a landlord may take an action against a tenant

If you are a renter or potential renter, for example, a landlord under the fair housing statutes must treat every tenant equally, or they may be subject to legal action taken by the person that was discriminated against or singled out. If you or someone you know has encountered any of the unfair housing practices listed above, you may have a case.

We Represent Clients in Unfair Housing Practices Cases

If you or a loved one has experienced one or more of these unfair housing practices in California or Massachusetts, you have rights under the law and may be entitled to compensation. Please contact the law offices of Forrest | LaMothe today for a free, no commitment consultation and case review to see if one of our experienced unfair housing attorneys can be of assistance. Our team of experts stands ready to guide you seamlessly through the legal process while easing your concerns and getting your life back on track again.