Product Liability Attorneys in California & Massachusetts

Do you or a loved one live in California or Massachusetts and were recently injured while using a product?  Defective, dangerous and mislabeled products are responsible for thousands of unnecessary consumer injuries in the United States each year.  When it happens to you it can make you feel helpless and frustrated.

There are actually numerous consumer protection laws in place that address design, manufacturing and supply chain negligence when a defective product is allowed to reach the hands of consumers, and even in cases where the victim(s) did not directly purchase that product.  Under state-specified product liability statutes in California and Massachusetts, the burden of consumer safety falls upon all parties involved in the product design, manufacturing, distribution and selling process.

In addition, consumer protection laws generally mandate that a product meets all the ordinary expectations of the individual who purchases or uses that product.  When these legal mandates are not met, an injured party may be eligible to file a product liability claim, under which the victim(s) may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries and loss.

Examples of Defective Product Categories

Under product liability laws in California and Massachusetts, consumers are protected against defective, dangerous or mislabeled products for these types of goods:

  • Child safety car seats
  • Sleeping bags
  • Motor vehicles
  • Children’s toys
  • Prescription and over-the-counter(OTC) drugs
  • Appliances
  • Foods and beverages
  • Medical devices

If you or a loved one lives in California or Massachusetts and were injured while using a  product, the experienced product liability attorneys at the law firm of Forrest | Lamothe are committed to enforcing consumer protection laws, defending your legal rights, and seeking due compensation under the law on your behalf.  Our product liability legal team has at their disposal client-representation resources including safety experts, manufacturing inspectors, design engineers, metallurgists, and lab specialists that we use to investigate, establish and prove that the product designer, manufacturer and/or supplier were at-fault. 

How is Product Liability Determined?

Under California and Massachusetts consumer protection laws, each party within the design, manufacturing,  distribution and selling process may be held accountable for a defective, damaging or mislabeled product, including:

  • The product’s designer and/or manufacturer
  • A manufacturer of parts used in the defective product
  • A party that assembles or installs the product
  • A wholesaler or distributor
  • The retail source that sold the defective product to a consumer

Within the consumer protection legal statutes, for strict product liability to apply the actual sale of a product must have been made in the regular course of the supplier’s business.  For example, a defective product sold at a garage sale would not be subject to a product liability action.  Product defects are legally classified as one or more of these:

  • A design defect which existed before the product was even made
  • A manufacturing defect that took place during the product’s manufacturing or assembly
  • A marketing defect in the way the product is advertised, labeled, lacks sufficient instructions, or has inadequate safety warnings.

Too often, manufacturers and insurers try to ignore defective product liability consumer injuries inflicted by their dangerous products, or blame the victim(s) instead.  And that’s simply not acceptable to the product liability team at Forrest | Lamothe. Our experienced product liability attorneys diligently fight for our clients’ consumer protection rights in situations where they have suffered personal injury from a defective, dangerous or mislabeled product.

We use several approaches to recovering compensation if it can be proven that you or a loved one were unduly injured by a product, including breach of warranty, negligence and strict liability. With the right attorney advocate on your side, you may be entitled to due compensation under the law for your medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning potential and more.

We Represent Clients in Product Liability Cases

If you or a loved one live in California or Massachusetts and feel that you were injured due to a defective, dangerous or mislabeled product, you have legal rights and may be entitled to compensation under the law.  Don’t allow your voice to go unheard for another day.

Please contact the law offices of Forrest | Lamothe at (877) 599-8890 to schedule a free, no commitment consultation and case review to see if one of our experienced product liability attorneys can be of assistance.  Our team of product liability lawyers stands ready to fight for your rights and guide you seamlessly through the legal process, all while easing your concerns and getting your life back to normal again.